Stargate Universe Segments

Stargate Universe SegmentsReleased in December 2012. It’s the Stargate from SGU.

Nine segments are needed to complete the ring. Since there are no glyphs on the ring the same segment is to be printed nine times.

A very basic design really to test how well the CAD and printing would line up with printing multiple parts for a circle.

Thingiverse:38105 Stargate Universe Segments

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Casino Chips

Casino Chip 25 Released in March 1011. A selection of casino chips. A variety of denominations 1, 5, 25, 50, 100 and suits (spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs).

One design has simple stripes around the outside and the other has suits.

Thingiverse:6856 Casino ChipsCasino Chip Spade

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Stargate Iris Box

Stargate Iris BoxReleased in March 2011. Another use of Thingiverse ‘MakerBlock’ had attempted to merge my simple Stargate model with an iris box model designed by ‘J_Hodgie’.

Unfortunately using the 3D print files to make the new model didn’t result in a perfect marriage of the two models as the Stargate model was a different diameter to the iris box. Therefore I created new model with the correct dimensions.

I uploaded only the Stargate part of the model to Thingiverse and directed people to download the original iris box model since I hadn’t made any modifications to rest of the parts for the model.

Thingiverse:111 Stargate Iris Box by Glitch
Thingiverse:6773 Stargate Iris Box by MakerBlock
Thingiverse:5589 Iris Box v2 by J_Hodgie

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Simple Stargate

Simple StargateReleased in February 2011. At approximately 80 millimetres across, the simple Stargate is small enough to print in one piece with the Makerbot Cupcake.

With the ring being only 4 mm wide I decided it wasn’t worth trying to include any detail.

Thingiverse:6856 Stargate

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Millennium Falcon

Millennium FalconReleased in February 2011. The Millennium Falcon was printed on a Makerbot Cupcake.

Although some could get really good prints from the cupcake’s, I couldn’t. The model was designed with stepped slopes to aid with slicing the gcode data.

The model was split into three pieces to print the front and rear overhangs.
Millennium Falcon Top

An addition was added in the form of a hollow middle to aid in gluing together in response to user feedback.

The model was featured on Thingiverse.

Thingiverse:6771 Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon Middle HollowMillennium Falcon Bottom


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