For me, 3D printing is a hobby. The models I’ve made available on this website have been designed in my spare time, sometimes spread over several months. They are provided for personal enjoyment and are not intended for commercial use.

Please check the FAQ page or comments on the relevant Thingiverse page if you have any problems printing the models. If you still have an issue then use the contact page to send me a message.

The first 3d printer I bought was a Makerbot Cupcake. Annoyingly, they brought out a newer model, the thing-o-matic, about a week or so after I bought the cupcake. I could never get anything of decent quality out of the cupcake and the support forums were more directed towards the newer thing-o-matic model. Eventually the cupcake was boxed up and put in storage. The printer has since been given away to younger family members who have an interest in 3d printing. Although the printer itself will probably be cannibalised to build a Prusa i3 or other open source 3d printer.

The original Working Stargate model was designed entirely theoretical as I couldn’t get decent 3d prints to test it at the time. I’m delighted it came out so well for those who could print it. Thingiverse user Cara McNab adapted the model for use with an Arduino UNO and stepper motor with excellent results. When I purchased a new 3d printer I took up the challenge of not only printing the Stargate model, but improving upon it now that I could print and test it. I think the inclusion of the moving chevron has gone down quite well in the Working Stargate Mk2.

I hope you enjoy the models I’ve made available. Please refer to the FAQ’s for any questions.


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